panic: bug: remove non existing folder (but folder still exists)

I’m on v0.14.39, Mac OS X (64 bit) and I’m getting a panic and a dump log every time I try to delete a folder.

The dump start with: panic: bug: remove non existing folder and syncthing then restarts.

The problem is the folder exists:

$ pwd
$ ps -ef |grep syncthing |grep -v grep
501 11789     1   0  9:50PM ??         0:15.00 /usr/local/opt/syncthing/bin/syncthing -no-browser -no-restart

The folder data in the config is:

<folder id="MobileSyncBackups" label="" path="/Volumes/Sync/MobileSync/" type="readwrite" rescanIntervalS="60" ignorePerms="false" autoNormalize="true">
    <device id="aaaa" introducedBy=""></device>
    <device id="bbbb" introducedBy=""></device>
    <device id="cccc" introducedBy=""></device>
    <minDiskFree unit="%">1</minDiskFree>

I’ve uploaded the log file with the panic:

Unpause the folder, or upgrade to 0.14.40-rc.1 just released.

Cool thanks, I’ll try that. Even searched for this issue first, must have missed that.

Worked. Thanks!

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