Painfully slow performance in WebGUI

Hello =), We are using syncthing in the way, where we have one central hub and ~300 other devices… And in this mode webui Painfully slow, any step take about 10-20 secs. How solve this problem ? If i save the syncthing root page to disk the saved page size = 10Mb I think this is extreamly lot …

Yeah, the more folders/devices you’ve got, the more the Web GUI seems to slow down. Here I’ve got 45 folders and 14 devices, and the GUI is already visibly less responsive than with a much smaller configuration (also running on the same machine in a different instance).

I’d try disabling “Set Low Priority” in the Advanced Configuration first (as it affects the GUI too), and if that doesn’t help, then you probably should avoid using the GUI at all and rely on the CLI (syncthing cli) instead (or using the API). Alternatively, you can edit the config.xml file directly, but it must be done with Syncthing shut down.

There is also the “next-gen” GUI which should be much lighter on the browser but has less details and features.

For such an amount, I also think it’s best to avoid the GUI and use the CLI or API. It’s just not optimized for such such massive use cases.

How I can enable ? Or Where I can read about this GUI ?

You need to compile your own version of Syncthing (see adding the --with-next-gen-gui flag. However, please keep in mind this GUI is really only usable to view the current state of your folders and devices. There’s no functionality to actually modify anything whatsoever.

Well you don’t necessarily need to recompile, just copy the new GUI into a directory pointed to by the STGUIASSETS environment variable. See this README for better instructions:

It’s slightly outdated since the code was moved from a separate repository into the main one, but should still work I suppose.

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