Paid Support for setting up Syncthing

Hi, I’m looking for paid help to set up a stable Syncthing connection between my computer in Norway and my two colleagues in the Philippines. We are experiencing very low transfer rates.

Both windows and Mac machines are in use.

We offer that, but for just troubleshooting slow speeds I’d suggest starting with the FAQ and/or asking for help here first.

I’m not paid, but I might be able to assist a bit.

You did not post any pictures of your server console so I can’t see if you are using relay servers are not.

Syncthing tries to use UPNP port forwarding. If it’s not working, you might be using relay servers, which can get slow. Here are the docs for manually configuring port forwarding.

Port forwarding docs.

Even with just one side set up, say yours, you might receive a decent performance boost.

Say the router at location A (Norway) has an external IP address of

On that router, you want to set up a port forwarding rule that forwards all inbound TCP packets on port 22000 to the internal IP address of the Syncthing server on port 22000.

Then, on the Syncthing server at location B, you tell the software that the server at location A is located at tcp://

As soon as the servers that are remote from you are able to know in advance what the IP address and port number is of your server they will locate you quickly and establish direct connection.

If this works you can send @calmh a fruit basket :slight_smile:

Additional help and I might need a chocolate chip cookie.


I’d also experiment with prioritizing QUIC. The latency between Norway and the Phillippines isn’t exactly low with ~280ms.

@calmh maybe I’m blind but I can’t find the docs for lib/config, lib/connections: Configurable protocol priority (ref #8626) by calmh · Pull Request #8868 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub

I don’t think you’re blind, but @calmh is sometimes not very eager to write docs about his own new features :wink:

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

I’ll give it a shot and see if I can find some time to fill that gap.


Thanks for the suggestions! I tried them but we didnt really get any big improvements. I have a feeling that there are some firewall settings or something like that giving the issue! Right now we are looking at speeds maxing out on 100kb/s

Note the message offering help over email above is coming from a 6 hour old account with a single message.

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Yes, painting support should come from a maintainer or developer or somebody who has extensive experience and longevity in the Forum. @calmh mentioned that syncthing has official technical support probably the best option.

Oh, I will try to remember that next time my appartment needs fresh paint on the walls :laughing:


Victim of voice dictation without checking.

He he.

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