Pages switcher button missing

Maybe when listed Out of Sync Items number is lower than 50.

Below, 39 items are OoS : we should have page switcher 1 to 4 when we choose 10 item/page

Works fine here with firefox: If number of items is smaller than page size, the page switcher isn’t there, if it is bigger, it is. This is a dir-pagination-controls element from angularjs, so we don’t “manually” control when it is shown.

Hi Simon

Probably I don’t understand when you say page size: above there was 39 out of sync items in a single Folder and page ~size~ is 10 as you can see, isn’t it ? Maybe the behaviour is then that Folders are collapsed on popup start, so one single ~item~ in the list ?

I don’t dispute your findings and with page size I mean items/page, I just tried to reproduce it and can’t, everything works fine here. So the problem is not present in all cases, but something is different in tour situation as opposed to mine and that’s about the extent of my wisdom.

Don’t worry Simon, I rather like you focuse on the team schedule, as this ~issue~ is nearly cosmetic. I didn’t want to open a bug for this as I know this may come from my browser [settings], and I’m too lazy to try to reproduce and/or dig more. Maybe someone else will meet the same behaviour and report here.

Maybe a corner case in FF or angularjs then.

Have a good day all