ownCloud to SyncThing: Questions before migrating

I currently run an ownCloud server on my Debian server sitting in a DC. I use this is the second step in my backup setup - it holds about 1TB of my most important files. System backups are done on harddrives, since this only contains applications and related files, while ownCloud handles my personal stuff like pictures and what have you.

Now, I have had a lot of issues lately with the ownCloud client, as it is having massive HTTP/2 issues caused by a Qt library…since months. I dont want to say that I am infuriated or anything - but I am not very happy about this either.

So, I was starting to look for alternatives, and I would like to keep my “centralized aproach” if possible and maybe expand on it just a little in the future, as to having a connected harddrive sitting at my parents’ place to automatically hold a copy of this as well in the case that I need an urgent copy of my files in reach without having to wait for all the downloads to be done. Also, it will hold a second copy of my system backups. But - this is not the topic of the question I have.

Is it possible to setup SyncThing to sit on my dedicated server and act as a “cloud” to the other devices, to the point where no matter where I am, I can always sync things back and forth to this server? And is there a WebUI that I can use in order to access it through my phone? I liked the ownCloud app for iOS, but I realized that I barely ever used it so…its not really neccessary.

My list of systems is quite diverse; from macOS, to Windows to Linux in the DC…its all over the place :slight_smile: … so I need a cross-platform approach, obviously.

Hope to ditch ownCloud soon, because not actually being able to sync my stuff is starting to bother the F…frustration out of me ^^;

Kind regards, Ingwie!

Syncthing doesn’t do partial sync of folders or on demand download, which sounds like something you might want.

Also: no iOS and no webUI for file access

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