Own relay server


could someone tell me how i can force my client to use my own relay server (or better my own Pool)? (windows client)

i was able to set up everything else (Relay PoolServer, Relay Server (until now still in public pool), and global Discovery Server (also working for my Clients)

thanks Florian

For your own relay just append your relay address:port to Settings->Sync Protocol Listen Adresses :

tcp://:22000, relay://address:port

it can be the inverse or even just the relay :wink:

I never tried a own pool, but documentation says is in this form: dynamic+

please check user documentation at: Syncthing Configuration — Syncthing v1 documentation is from far more clear that I can ever be :slight_smile:


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aah thanks i thought this setting was only about the port. i will try


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