Overwriting Problem

I was syncing the camera folder, and I already have many folders, but the camera folder has overwritten the folders I have and deleted all these files, and make unknown code to me. Is there any solution to restore these overwriting folders? image

I assume the Camera folder comes from Android, right? It is set to “Send Only” by default, and if you press the “override remote changes” button, it will indeed remove everything in the folder on remote devices that’s not present in the folder on the Android device. If you’ve done just that, there’s nothing really you can do with Syncthing to restore the files, unless you’d set up file versioning beforehand (which I assume you hadn’t, hence the question).

If the files have really been deleted and you want to try to get them back, then you should probably look up data recovery software. The standard procedure when it comes to data recovery is to power off the affected device completely as soon as possible, then move the disk to a different computer and attempt the data recovery there. The key is not to write anything to the disk until you restore the deleted files.

Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, indeed the Camera folder comes from Android set to “Send Only” and I press the “override remote changes” button. I didn’t also set up file versioning beforehand. But I used Programs like EaseUs and DiskDrill to scan the drive, and I found the lost data. For me, the issue is to restore this data you need a premium subscription, especially since my lost data is approximately 11GB. Now I don’t know what to do

I’m no expert in this field, so I don’t think it’d be appropriate for me to actually recommend a particular piece of software, but you may want to check out the various free and open source solutions listed at https://alternativeto.net/category/utilities/file-recovery/?license=opensource&platform=windows

On a personal note, the program that I’ve used quite a few times to help others recover deleted files was DMDE, but it’s proprietary, and while a free version exists, I don’t know whether it can handle a large amount of data (as I’ve only used it to recover single files). It’s also targetted at professionals, so the interface is complex and probably too dangerous for beginners to use, so please be careful if you do decide to give it a try.

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