Override changes

I have set a sendonly and receiveonly environment: one device A sets as “sendonly” another device B sets as “receiveonly”

start A first, then start B; add token of A to B, and then add token of B to A; throw a couple of files in the folder of A. A big red override changes on Device A and it shows Out of Sync on A no sync or anything on B.

if I click the override changes button, it will start syncing.

So what is wrong with my setup?

This is the most confusing part. I have seen many people are puzzled with it.

Generally speaking, don’t do this – have on side be a regular send+receive device. Otherwise you’re enforcing the same restriction in two places, with two places to do potential overrides, all of which is confusing.

@calmh, thanks for the clarification. I will change B to sendreceive. Then one question: how to determine if A should should show “override changes” button? Is there any API can tell that A should throw a red button of override changes? (maybe event RemoteChangeDetected?)