"Override changes" when no changes made?

I have a recurrent issue, where files in the slave, which have been put there by Syncthing, are appearing to be out of sync with the master, and “Override changes” comes up. But they haven’t been touched. Sometimes it is every file in the folder, sometimes some, sometimes none. I have turned off permissions and I can’t see any differences in the files (date, size, etc.)

I am a bit anxious about clicking on this button, when there hasn’t been a change. If it is relevant, I have been stopping and restarting Syncthing, as a service (W7), or running from the console (see separate thread about service pausing).

Not sure whether to report this as a bug, or a support issue.

I think this is worth a bug subject you can explain the full scenario of how to reproduce it. Are you sure the mtimes are the same on the files?

I’m not sure I can guarantee a scenario where it will happen, because it seems to be random. I tested 1 folder where this was happening. The slave contents were placed there by Syncthing previously, but “Override changes” was showing. I deleted the Syncthing folder on each device, then I recreated them with a new name. After a few minutes of scanning, ST was reporting changes, so I clicked Override. Within seconds, these were resolved. The details of one file before and after the Override are shown here: