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I’ve synchronized one folder between my Windows-Notebook and a Linux-Server. The synchronization works well, however, during synchronizing, it takes more and more files out of sync until almost every file isn’t synced anymore. On my Windows-Notebook this folder is a master folder and on my Linux Server I haven’t changed any file. So I don’t understand why he takes so many files out of sync even if I didn’t change them? And if I click on override changes it doesn’t take long until the same problem occurs again…

What am I doing wrong? :slightly_smiling:

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Metadata, such as when the file was last modified, or what permissions it has is causing this.

It is of course dependant on your use case but if the synching instance on the server is running as it’s own user…

I would suggest you remove all other user’s write permissions. While the master option is great to have, limiting user access on the nodes you control is probably more effective.

What file systems do you use on your Windows Laptop and your Linux server?

The file systems are both NTFS. Could you give a hint how to change permissions or where it is explained step-by-step? (sorry I’m new to all of this…) Thanks!

NTFS on Linux does not really support permissions. You need to set the ignore permissions checkbox when editing the shared folder in syncthing on your linux server. That should solve your problem.

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It does! Thanks a lot!

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