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So i am trying out Syncthing to have my large music folder map sync to my phone each time i make changes to the map on my laptop.

I want the folder on my laptop to be send only so i don’t accidentally make changes from my phone to the laptop folder.

When i first linked both folders together i got a huge list of “out of sync” files which did not make sense because its exactly the same content on both my laptop as my phone.

So i thought i would do a send & receive to fully sync any differences and then set it to Send only. The folder was fully up to date after the send and receive option so i set it to send only, which in my eyes means, each change i make on the laptop folder gets synced to the phone folder but not the other way around right?

I tried to test it and made a folder into the laptop music folder, which on its turn says up-to-date. But on the phone it says out of sync with a button to override changes. When i press that, the phone gets seen as up to date but then the laptop folder gets the out of sync message, basically passing the out of sync to the other device when the button is pressed…

Anyone knows whats causing this problem ? Thanks in advance

It sounds like you set both sides to send-only. Don’t do that. :slight_smile:

(And now that I think of it, I think in some cases the Android wrapper defaults to or only allows send only folders because of a lack of write access?)

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Thank you for your reply.

mmm maybe its the latter thing. I am trying to sync it to an external SD card.

I did not set the android folder to send only. I just added the existing music folder on my laptop to syncthing and then i got a notification on my phone that laptop is trying to share a folder. I accepted it and set the path to the phone music folder.

Syncthing on android did ask for read and write permissions though but that probably is only for the internal.

How do i give write access to the external SD folder ?

That, my friend, is a question with a complicated answer. Luckily it’s been asked many, many times so should be findable here via search or google.

mmm apparently not that complicated from what i find on the forum. Syncthing can’t write to SD card unless some weird workarounds and such.

I guess i know enough and that syncthing is sadly not my go to application to support to keep my devices in sync if it can’t write to an SD card.

Thanks for your time though

Wait for Android 11 and will get better :slight_smile:

By the time android 11 is out i already have something that fills the SD write permission and syncs it across my devices. Looking at resilio sync atm.

But thanks for the suggestion though

Granting Syncthing root access will allow it to write to SD cards regardless of the Android permissions, so if your device is rooted, this is the way to go for now (just in my opinion).

Exactly my point. Workarounds to get SD write permissions in 2020…

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