Override Changes consumes all memory of system and crashes

I have a folder that contains over 1.4TB of data with each file size being between 4 to 10GB each. I am syncing my data over to another box for backups. The main sync folder is set as the “master”. For some reason the main box reports that the folder is out of sync and there is a red box to “Override Changes”. I click this button and let it do it’s thing. After some time syncthing consumes all of my system memory and the linux OS kills syncthing to regain the memory. The main box has 8GB of memory. I can never make any head way of getting it to report everything is in sync. I delete the index database on both boxes and still have this issue. Both boxes are running version 0.11.13. Is there any way to get around this? I see reports that others have this issue and it creeps up on them every few days. What other information can I provide to help diagnose this issue?

  • Garrett

Try setting GOGC=25 and STTRACE=db,model environment variables and capture some logs. Also, make sure you’re not using a 32bit build.