Overhead for lots of small directories

What sort of overhead is involved for each ‘top level’ folder in syncthing?

I want to synchronise a single directory containing one file and I’m wondering whether to add the directory to syncthing as a separate item to synchronise or whether it would be more efficient to make symbolic links to the file from another area that is already synchronised. (I can’t move the file, the directory is ‘cast in stone’ in the software)

There is significant overhead for a top level folder (the thing that you administer in the Syncthing GUI). You can have tens, hundreds will be cumbersome, thousand+ requires specific care to even work on normal systems.

OK, thanks, I have six top level directories at the moment but adding one for a single file does seem a bit of a bad idea. I’ll put the file I want to synchronise into one of my existing synchronised directories and put symbolic links to it from the ‘cast in stone’ location.

You can do that, but a handful of folders, with one file or more, isn’t an issue regardless. That’s well within reasonableness.

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