Out of Sync with filedate 01.01.01. 01:00:00


I have configured a one way sync from Host A (v0.14.39, Windows (64 bit)) to Client B (v0.14.39, Linux (64 bit)) and Client C (v0.14.39, Mac OS X (64 bit))

I recognized, a constant out of sync on some files with filedate 01.01.01. 01:00:00

After pressing the “Overwrite Changes” Button, syncing is done and after some time, “out of sync” appears again.

Those files are correctly synced from the Host A to the Clients B+C, but the filedate seems to have not preserved.

(left: files on Host A / right: Client B. Via SMB Share from Host A and Total Commander Sync Tool)

I’m not sure I’m 100% following but I interpret it that you are trying to sync files with the modification time 0001-01-01 01:01:00 (i.e. some time in year one) and this doesn’t work. If so, I think this is expected. Mac HFS+ can’t represent times before 1904, and ext2 (and presumably later variants) begin at 1901. We have some special handling of setting mtimes as that often breaks, so I think we should not become out of sync, really, but …

Workaround: Use a date within the last century or so…

erm. I’m deeply sorry (for wasting your precious time).

I assumed the short date format 01.01.01 to be 01.01.2001, but it actually is 01.01.1601 here in windows7.

Setting the date to a newer one will do.

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