Out of Sync, unsure how to resolve

I love syncthing, once setup it is reliable and I am so happy it exists. Somehow when making changes I am very good at messing them up and ending up in a dysfunctional state.

I tried setting up sync between a mobile and desktop. But since the folder didn’t exist syncthing complained. I then created that folder, but that was probably a bad idea, since then syncthing complained about the missing .stfolder item. I re-created that folder and sync started to run again. I am sending only from mobile to desktop. However I now see 405 out of sync items for the mobile device when looking at syncthing webUI on desktop.

Here’s a screenshot from syncthing webUI on iMac:

When I click on 405 items in the remote devices section this shows:

What is the process to recover and get this working again?

Easiest option is to remove the folder on both sides and start over fresh.

You could check the other side for errors. Also, clicking out of sync items on your folder (rather than remote device) might show some errors.

Thanks for the quick reply. I had hoped to avoid that, since I am not to keen on moving around the photos on android device. After all that is the default photos folder.

Since on the mac I am only sending the images there, isn’t there a way to start fresh on that side?

When i say start over, I mean remove the folders from syncthing and add them back. Removing folders does not remove the data.

Have you actually checked for errors on the other side (and local device)?

Oh I misread then. Was not around that mac so only could continue testing now.

remove the folders from syncthing and add them back.

  • removed folder from both Android and Mac

  • re-added folder on Android, set to Send Only

  • enabled the mac in devices list to sync to

  • hit checkmark in top right

  • on mac New Folder dialog shows, confirm with Add

  • create a new folder so no issues with existing folders are at play (folder path does not exist)

  • save

Sync completed without issues.

I am now every unsure why I had such a hard time previously. Probably because I had not removed the folder on both devices but only the mac.

Thanks for helping me out :rocket:

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