Out of sync systems

I have four computers with one big shared synching folder. Three of them are on the same LAN and in the same location, and one is remote.

For some reason, they’re out of sync.

After reading a few posts here, I have:

  • Ensured they’re all on the latest synching v1.27.5
  • Restarted synching on all the computers
  • Turned off uPNP, then back on again, clearing my router cache
  • Run with --verbose on to look for messages

Not seen any errors or other alarming messages.

Does anyone have suggestions?

asimo, nuc, and earth are all at home, ziggy is remote.

Please see https://forum.syncthing.net/t/some-deletions-and-modifications-getting-stuck-in-sync-since-v1-27-5/21893/17. You need to upgrade Syncthing to https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/releases/tag/v1.27.6-rc.1, however this alone won’t fix the files that are already “stuck”.

As it seems that there are a lot of them in your case, I’d suggest that you simply remove and re-add the folder in Syncthing on each device. You can keep the actual files on the disk. Just make sure that all devices run v1.27.6-rc.1 before trying to do anything, as otherwise you will likely end up with new files getting stuck anyway.


Wow! Thanks so much for the prompt and comprehensive answer! I really appreciate it.

I am very scared of removing folders from synching and re-adding them. I worry something bad will happen, or that the ‘wrong’ system will be the source of truth, and stuff will get wonky or lost.

When re-adding the folder, you can initially set it to Receive Only. This way, there is no risk of anything unwanted being pushed to other devices.

Of course, having a full backup of the data in another location beforehand is the safest solution.

No need to remove and re-add the entire folder, resetting delta indexes (`–reset-deltas’) should do it. At least if the issue fixed in the latest RC is the culprit.


Thanks for the tips. I grabbed 1.27.6-rc1 on all machines then did a --reset-deltas from one of them, and now everything is back in sync. Thanks everyone!


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