Out of sync -- puzzled

Running 1.7.0 on a Synology NAS and a Linux (Fedora) PC.

I’ve set up a new sync for an existing folder on the PC. It is a one-way synch to a new folder on the NAS. So far, so good. No ignore files.

Syncthing on the PC reports that the folder and the remote device are uptodate.

Syncthing on the NAS reports that the remote device is uptodate but the folder is out of sync. If I click on the ‘out of sync’ item in the report (6 items, ~80.8 MiB) I get the out of sync panel without any information. Just the coloured bar “reused copied etc…”

How can I find what is wrong?

Screenshots and logs please.

Attached a zip with:

  • screenshot of pc
  • screenshot of nas
  • screenshot of ‘out of sync’ nas
  • pc log
  • nas log


outofsync.zip (244.5 KB)

I think it’s just a metadata display issue.

Try starting syncthing with STRECHECKDBEVERY=1s env var set on the decide that is reporting out of sync.

Added STRECHECKDBEVERY=1s and now it is panicing in a looping. Removed the env setting but it still keeps panicing.

paniclog.log (73.2 KB)

@imsodin ideas?

Since I had to go on, this is what I did.

First, in the ST options (options.conf) I added -paused to the startup arguments. Now ST could be started again.

Then I unpaused all folders one by one, except the one that was out of sync. All ok.

When I unpaused the last folder, it immedeately paniced again (but restarted, paused).

So I removed the offending folder and re-added it. Unpause all and everything is fine again.

Finally, I removed the -pause from the startup arguments and restarted ST. All ok now.

Apparently it was a database or index curruption that happened when the folder was added. We’ll probably never know why. As for the panics I do have some more logs in case someone wants to investigate.

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