"Out of Sync" problem with umlaut ä ö ü

In one of the peers of a Synology there is an “out of sync” problem due to a file, as follows:

In the German language there are the umlauts ÄÖÜ, äöü and I created a new file with a letter “ä” on my Windows 10 computer. Then the file was synced to the connected devices and of one of them, a Synology, the above error occurred, although these umlauts have never been a problem. The peer is connected to 3 other devices and a second Synology on which this error has not occurred.

I renamed the file to a name without an umlaut, that was also synchronized everywhere to all devices, but the above error cannot be quit (rescan of the peer, restart of syncthing, restart of the device, etc.) on that one device. Disconnecting the peer and reconnecting made no change.

The problem is not the umlaut per se but that Syncthing requires file names to use UTF-8. If your system is set to a non-UTF-8 locale (like ISO-8859-15 for west Europe) Syncthing doesn’t know how to interpret the file names and can’t sync them.

The affected Synology and the second Synology have the same setting. In the Control Panel, the “Codepage” is in “German” for both.

And as I said, it was never a problem on either. And now too. If I now save another file with umlaut, also with “ä”, it arrives perfectly on both Synologys without any problem or such effect.

I do not know what is special or different about the above shon name.

I think, in this moment is enough to know in which way I can quit the message.

You need to find the device, that has the “bad” name and remove the file there. As it’s probably hard to find, I’d propose renaming it everywhere to something else (or moving it).

The original file, a Excel file, has already been changed.

Did you check on all devices that a file with that name does not exist anymore?

Yes, is checked on 6 devices. Changes was made from Syncthing correctly.

That error is a scanning error. It’s local to where you see it.

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Something is strange: The first time this error occurred on that Synology with the Syncthing installation of SynoCommunity that was running until then. This installation I completely deleted and replaced by the Kastelo installation, the database was therefore empty. After all the peers were scanned, the same error occurred again in this peer. However, the file still existed at this point.

That would mean that the scan with the last installation was just as good or faulty. Previously v1.4.1-rc.3 and now v1.4.0 is installed.

I have no opinion on these reinstalls and personally don’t care about trying to wrap my head around it. There has also been no change whatsover to encoding recently, so it’s unlikely to be connected.

Run ls -la Serpil/Reisen from the folder root where the error occurred to see what is really there (as calmh corrected, the error originated on the same device where it is shown, not on others, as I wrote before).

Also keep in mind character encodings of file names over network mounts depend on the server OS & filesystem, client OS & network file system, locale and other settings on both sides, and quickly get confusing.

The guiding principle is that it needs to be UTF-8 on disk, where Syncthing is running for it to be happy. “Code pages” are a distinctly non-UTF-8 concept and will likely just confuse things further. Including masking what is actually stored on disk when you look at it using ls, unless you pipe that to a hex dump…

I’ve no desire to try and troubleshoot all of the above in your setup so I’m explaining the principle and hoping you’ll take it from there. :slight_smile:

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