Out of Sync: "Override Changes"

Last time this happened on my phone, it happened part way through syncing, and tapping this button on my phone deleted hundreds of my files to force it to finish syncing, as well as pushing the changes of deleted files and folders to my laptop.

Right now I’m very worried as the folder it’s trying to sync to my phone says absolutely no data has been synced yet. I really don’t want to lose the whole directory; is there anything I can to to apprehend whatever bug is causing this problem and make my phone sync?

I am not sure what you are trying to do. Override changes button only appears on send only or receive only folders. If its a receive only folder, and you press the button, it will delete the files, that is what it’s supposed to do. This is covered in the documentation.

Both sides are send and receive. Is it possible that it’s because the directory on my phone is on the SD card, or that my computer has corrupted files inside the directory to be synced?

Edit: Nevermind, my phone is send only. No idea how that happened. How can I give SyncThing Fork root access?

@ZeekaBob Better try not to use root access unless there’s no other way to get write access. Which Android version are you on? root access can be granted through Magisk, for example. Formatting the sdcard as internal storage might help you better and avoid other strange behaviour because of Android’s limitations.

Android 10

Moto g7 Power (ocean, RET-LA)

It is currently rooted and running the latest security update.

@ZeekaBob Yeah, then root might be a way to go but not the best. Better have backups of your files before playing around with rooted storage access. SeLinux could easily thwart your plans.

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