Out of Sync on Receiver Side due to outdated DB

Hi Syncthingers,

I run your excellent product for years now successfully, so first of all: Thank You!

However, I am struggling at the moment with some “Out of Sync” folders.

Starting point, root cause: The folders are Receive Only (RO) folders on a Linux machine, taking files from Send Only (SO) folders from a Windows machine. Due to a hardware bug on the receiver side, I had to restore a backup of the Syncthing DB, but the folders (also on RO side due to a different drive) are up-to-date. Syncing is again fine (local and global state are identical, folders are fine), however, the somewhat outdated DB on RO side expects some files/folders (Out of Sync Items: x items, ~ 0B), which were present at DB backup time, but were renamed/deleted since then. Normally, I see a “Revert local changes” or something like that in the GUI, however, not in this case.

I think that the “big solution” pausing the sync, remove the folder on RO side, and set it up again, should remove the “Out of Sync”, however, I wonder whether a proper REST API request would also do the trick at much less effort. Would POST /rest/db/revert do, what I want: Tell the DB on RO side to forget about the Out of Sync items? Are these interpreted in this case as local changes?

Thank you in advance, best regards, RoKoInfo

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