Out Of Sync on Master Folder

Hi All,

I have a folder I’m pushing (one way sync) to a remote site and has all been working for the last few months no problems. However a day after I updated to the latest Synching I’m getting a report on the master folder that its out of sync, but remote is showing as “Up To Date”

The files that its reporting don’t exist at either end, intact I’ve cleared the remote end so it can re-sycn completely but still reporting the same. It appears to be these 4 non existent files. I can confirm that these 4 files do not live at each end.

So I’m guessing that somewhere the metadata is kaput. How can the directory be re-scanned / Reset?

Also using the “Override Changes” seems to do nothing at all.

I’m currently running v0.11.23 windows 64bit



After a couple of days battling this and finally posing on here I resolved it, murphy law right?

I honestly Don’t know what I did beside pressing override changes multiple times in succession after being frustrated with it.

anyway all is now syncing