Out of Sync not sync

Hi, I have a problem with the synchronizing, I dont know why but the devices dont sync. The just scan every 15 seconds and return into “Out of Sync” state.

Have you checked failed items and fixed the errors?

how do i check them

Well, its not syncing because of the errors most likely.

You should click on the errors in the GUI (e.g. “failed items”) and post screenshots of them here. Also, why the rescan interval of 15s and file watching enabled at the same time? This is very inefficient (unless the file watcher doesn’t work for some reason).

These are strange error messages. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this before here (and nothing comes up if you search for these, neither on the forum nor on GitHub).

Have you tweaked any of the default settings in Syncthing?

Also, are you running on some unusual filesystem? Something attached via network etc?

It’s set to sync ownership and the ownership data it’s trying to set is bad or impossible.

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