Out of sync items with ignore patterns

Hello, I have a folder sync with my main server of syncthing, a container on a raspberry pi 5, and sync with my Android phone.

On my Android, I have a subfolder (SSH) that I don’t want to be sync with my computer or server. So I added it to the ignore patterns setting.

But, on my computer client, it says out of sync for the three items, the folders and the two files inside it.

Is this normal to see that? How can I avoid to see this state?

Are all devices connected with each other? If not, then I think you may be experiencing Device tries to push ignored files to a remote device in a 3-device setup · Issue #7474 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub. There is no workaround for the issue, unfortunately.

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My computer is connected to the server, and my phone to the server too. But, my phone is not connected to my computer.

I read the issue and it seems to be the same as me.

I understand. Thank you for your answer.

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