Out of Sync items since .48 - help

Good day all,

Ive been struggling with out of sync items since .48 when things kinda went screwy. Ive been on here a few times and you guys have helped out me out immensely. I am looking to restore what was a perfect sync situation.

Ive got 1 ‘master’ machine serving out 3 folders to 2 different machines - ALL MacOS. (ignore the second machine - more on that below). All three machines are on .51. The master is complaining that one of the slave machines is out of sync with 1.25MiB files waiting to be synced. The files have a modified date some back to 2017. It shows the last modified device being the master machine. So why doesn’t it sync? I have done reset-deltas and database, and nothing changes. The only thing I can see in the log files: Device folder “Management” (ecxns-y6hsc) has mismatching index ID for us (0x5E09E8B06E85ED1E != 0x C33B43116264A57) when it syncs.

This was prior in sync and happy before .48 and some issues.

The second slave machine is a laptop I use, and I recently wiped this weekend, taken completely out of the sync system for now until I get this one machine nailed down.

Please help me come back to sync-heaven.

Tty resetting the index on both sides.

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Hi, thanks for the response.

Can you tell me the proper way of doing that? Ive done the -reset-deltas and -reset-database, but I don’t see a switch specifically for index’s. Or maybe its in the GUI?

Regardless, super thanks for all your help thus far.

Just run the same command on the other device.

Well, that seems to fix it! Thanksssss!

I would have assumed the one end pushing the files to the other would have fixed it, but Im green across the board now.

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