Out of Sync Items: None of the reason

I made changes to some files on my Ubuntu which are monitored by syncthing and synced to SD Card in my Android 13. The changes are always out of sync and I have to manually sync those files to sd card.

You can see the following image: the files whose size is not displayed or displayed as 0 B have been renamed on Ubuntu (extension changed from .m3u8.new to .m3u8) and 2 new files added on Ubuntu.

Any Suggestions on how to make sure that syncing happens on sdcard?

On Ubuntu Syncthing Web interface shows as follows:

On Android Syncthing Web interface shows as follows:

I have a similar setup with Ubuntu on a laptop syncing music to my Android 11 phone:

  • Be sure to use a recent version of Syncthing, especially on mobile devices with Android 11 and higher.
  • In general, enable “Ignore Permissions” and don’t sync extended attributes and ownership for a Syncthing folder if the two peer devices are different platforms (e.g., Linux <-> Windows, Linux <-> Android, Windows <-> Android, ec.) because the metadata is seldom cross-platform (even time stamps need special care).
  • If your Ubuntu system is the only place changes occur, set the Syncthing folder to “Send Only”, and on your Android 13 device, set the receiving end to “Receive Only”.
  • Is your Android 13 device set to idle apps and/or limit network access when it’s not being actively used?

Does the Android setup perhaps reject the [] characters for some reason?

There should be a column with a link just below the out-of-sync items with failed items. Opening that will give you a list with errors/reasons for the failure of sync.

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