Out of sync items don't show in GUI

Out of sync items don’t show in GUI. See screenshots down below. At first it was only 2.37 MiB that were out of sync and 7 files and only on one side, which was not good, as I was not able to see which files exactly, but kinda negligible. Then I removed the server-t folder (from within Syncthing) from the Thilo-PC-H61M/U3S3-Fedora device, which is 246 GiB, and manually copied the folder and its content to a differend location at a new HDD drive, because my older drive was close to being full. Then I shared the local server-t folder from Thilo-PC-X570 device and within Syncthing added the folder again at the new remote folderpath (on the new HDD) at Thilo-PC-H61M/U3S3-Fedora.

After scanning and synchronizing I ended up with it being stuck syncing at 246 GiB.

What can I do? The files and folders do exist on all devices, but Syncthing thinks it is out of sync? I checked all devices that are connected to the folder that is likely out of sync but it doesn’t show me the files that are out of sync.

Global Ignore patterns:


	//Mac OS Metadata - Comments, Finder Windows Size, Icons, Tags, ...

	//Mac Folder Icons, which will not sync to Windows

	//Mac Flag to enable translation of Folder Names

	//Mac Temporary iCloud files while synching







		//outdated old form of JabRef's backup files. With JabRef > 5.10, .bib.bak and .bib.sav.tmp files can be safely deleted from the system

		// vim swap files are, in order of creation: .file.swp, .file.swo, .file.swn. # vim uses 'o' then, 'n'... back to 'a'.


	//Adobe Lightroom
		//*Previews.lrdata root-pixels.db

	//KDE filemanager
		//meta data file that KDE apps write to (things like wether dot files are visible, the icon for that folder, etc. Every directory ends up with one)

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