Out of Sync Items contain files that should have been ignored by Ignore Patterms

I am trying to resolve Out of Sync Items reported on my Android device and I can’t understand why it reports files that exist on other devices but should have been ignored on this device following the Ignore Patterns.

Am I missing something basic about how Syncthing works?

My Syncthing Android app is v1.18.0.

There is not enough context to give you an answer. You should explain what file paths, errors, patterns are involved etc.

My ignore patterns:


The file out of sync: mtg/2review/thesis_9_7_21-reviewed.pdf. It is from a folder that should have been matched by the * pattern.

If possible, please add some screenshots from the Syncthing Web GUI from all the affected devices. At the moment, it is difficult to deduct what exactly is wrong without more detailed information.

Also: Was the file attached or entered into some kind of database?

One alternative plausible explanation apart from Syncthing having a bug could be: you having missed to ignore some files/folders (e.g. Zotero) that should have been ignored, which then led the database to create dublicate files during or after the sync.

e.g.: “Storing the Zotero data directory directly in a cloud storage folder is extremely likely to corrupt your Zotero database and should not be done.”


(because i saw Zotero in your ignore folders…Syncing Zotero files is a big hit on my wishlist as well. Maybe one day i will try a setup, but for the time being, since it seems so complicated to implement, is not supported well by the developers and i don’t derive enough income with that work to opt into the paid version, i am using Jabref as a workaround.)

Hi @Thilo, thanks for suggestions! Actually this setup works very well for me. I only sync the file attachments, the database is synced via a Zotero account. The problematic file mtg/2review/thesis_9_7_21-reviewed.pdf is completely unrelated.

I just resolved this issue by running -reset-deltas in the Android app. The out of sync conflict disappeared. I had a similar issue in the past and I will report again and provide screenshots once I can reproduce it again.

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