Out of sync items. Can only ever fix it by removing the index-v0.14.0.db

Out of sync items. Can only ever fix it by removing the index-v0.14.0.db

** I will fill this post with more data as it becomes available.


3 machines on the same LAN. Macbook is the only one that travels.

Macbook Pro v1.19.1 macOS (64-bit ARM)

Arch Linux v1.19.1 Linux (64-bit Intel/AMD)

Synology v1.19.1, Linux (64-bit Intel/AMD)

Each machine has shared folder (no encryption,currently gave up on that for now because of this issue).

  • [x] they all have “ignore deleted” inactive in their options.
  • [x] file versioning disabled.
  • [x] Watch for changes enabled. (fs watch on default 10 but would like to change that to 1!? at least for the .md files)
  • [x] Folder type “Send & Receive”

Every few days or so one of these gets out of sync on various items. Deleted (then shown as 0bytes in the UI and no way to get rid of the message).

The only way I found to fix this temporarily is to delete the index-v0.14.0.db file in the conf dir after shutdown and then restart.

But this causes a long re-sync (or it actually just rebuilds? the db as the download/upload rate is pretty low?) which takes a while for about 40GB over all folders.

And I always wait it out before making new changes as I am afraid to break it again.

I run a rdiff-backup of the folders on NAS every 24hours but that should’nt interfer in any way with Syncthing.

I would be so thankful if the community could help me out on this and get to the source of this behaviour.

Also I wonder why Syncthing does not have an option for these out of sync items to be simply dismissed (in the GUI).

This would help tremendously. If there is some conflict just show a button on all connected machines “Dismiss items and favor THIS LOCAL MACHINE as final source of truth” or something more descriptive. Just thinking out loud.

I love Syncthing but this is a painful state of affairs and even though I know that I could just ignore the “error” in most cases as I know these items are correct in that state I cannot stand the error message appearing in the UI and need to reset :slight_smile:

I have just rm`ed the db on Arch and Synology NAS to cause them to accept the Macbook as source of truth and rebuild their local db accordingly.

Will update here in the coming days when the issue reappears with further details on the precise error message and files involved.

But 99% of the time it is about simple edits\deletes of .md files.

I have also the following .stignore file which I copied to the root of each synced folder on each machines.

// .stglobalignore

// Incomplete Downloads
// At least for now, these prevent Syncthing from transferring data that's
// going to be thrown out anyway once the download is finished and the
// file is renamed. Things may change when Syncthing gets smarter.
// Firefox downloads and other things
// Chrom(ium|e) downloads

// Temporary / Backup Files

// OS-generated files (OS X)

// OS-generated files (Windows)

// BTSync files

// Synology files

// !.git/config
// git

Are the out of sync items limited to a particular folder or are they spread all over the place? If they are limited to a folder, is there anything peculiar about it in comparison to the others?

When it comes to actually debugging the issue, I’d like to ask for the following.

  1. Post screenshots showing the Syncthing Web GUI on all affected devices. If possible, include the out of sync items in the screenshots.
  2. Go to “Actions → Advanced → GUI” and enable “Debugging”.
  3. Go to “Actions” and click “Support Bundle”. A debug archive will be downloaded.
  4. Repeat the steps on each device, then upload all the archives here.

Thank you for the swift reply.

I will do as requested and reserve this post for the debug data.

It might take a day or two though before it reappears.

Currently one issue appeared regarding “permission denied” errors but I enabled “Ignore permissions” on the NAS and the error disappeared.

I found the method using curl which seems to work on all devices but the NAS.

On NAS it does not shutdown/restart nor does it send a response. Just noting this as it might be connected to issues.

curl -X POST -H "X-API-Key: dHM5aXsqPSKahk7NninFf3" http://localhost:8384/rest/system/reset?folder=uq9xm-mfn
{"ok": "resetting folder uq9xm-mfn"}

On the Synology, you should definitely always enable the ignore permissions option. Otherwise it will interact badly with the permission model of Synology’s DSM. That one is based on ACLs and they get discarded when Syncthing tries to apply POSIX permissions.

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