"Out of sync items" are actually deleted items on Rec Only from Send Only

I’ve got a sync folder I’m using as a bit of an archival file dump.

I want deleted items to remain on the “Receive only” side, but I of course want them to delete as normal on the “send only” side.

However what I would like NOT to happen is for them to show on the “out of sync” items on the “Send Only” side.

Is this possible, or just the way the software works?


Do you have ignore deletes enabled to achieve that?

If yes, then you can’t avoid having them shown as out of sync (as they are, they are not deleted even though they should be). If no, then I have no idea how you ended up in a state like this.

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I do, and that was my intent.

Although, a thought occurs to me.

If I leave “ignore delete” off, then .stversions SHOULD still retain the last n versions of deleted items indefinitely, yes?

Yes, if versioning is setup on the receive side.


Lovely! That’s EXACTLY what I wanted to know. = )

As an aside, I’ve been asking a question here and there regularly while getting this little enterprise set up at my offices, and you guys have been both helpful and awesome.

Being that I work in IT, I know that we SOMEtimes get compliments for a job well done, or expertise, but rarely get lauded for voluntary assistance. You guys go above and beyond, and I’m truly, truly grateful.


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