Out of Sync Items after manual copying before syncing


I’ve got a PC (Send only) and a QNAP NAS (Receive only) with Syncthing installed on both devices. As initial sync of my ~5TB of files was quite slow via network, I copied the data manually and followed the instructions for manual copying. After scanning the files on both devices, I shared the folder. Initially, all files were Out of Sync but after some time (exchange of DBs, I presume) 40% of the files were recognized as being the same, while the rest is still Out of Sync. Status on my NAS is Preparing to Sync, while my PC shows Up do Date.

Any ideas what went wrong? Is there a chance to solve this issue without Revert Local Changes on my NAS and basically copying 60% of the data again?

Thanks for your help!

Preparing to sync means it’s processing metadata. Let it do that. When it’s done, for any remaining things, hit revert local changes. If the data is there it won’t be resynced, most likely the changes are to metadata like timestamps or permissions.

Thanks a lot! It was indeed permissions! After setting Syncthing on my NAS to “Ignore Permissions” and “Revert Local Changes” everything was in sync after a while.