Out of Sync Items 6 items, ~0 B

v1.13.1, Linux (64-bit Intel/AMD)

t61 2021-02-20 03-39-48

t61 2021-02-20 03-41-02


only this node reports this, other nodes say that device is Up To Date

I have a similar issue with another device/node showing syncing (95%, 0 b) but it indicates hundreds of 0 B files

PS: sorry for the bold text, that is unintended

PPS: thanks! I did not know images could be uploaded

What does the web UI of the remote device (shown as syncing here) say about this folder?

Lines of dashes/equals/… directly following text mark the text as a headline. Inserting an additional line-break fixes that. Annoying stuff - screenshots are much simpler and much nicer to read :slight_smile:

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":’ is an illegal character on some filesystems, which might be the cause.

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But that is not in filename - it is just the timestamp (copy & paste from out of sync modal)

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t61 2021-02-20 03-39-48 t61 2021-02-20 03-41-02

Sorry, the way it was formatted I assumed it was part of the file name.

apparently those are empty folders… they do not actually exist at this time

upon further investigation

folder Pictures.compile/2017/04/11 contains valid files t61 2021-02-20 04-07-16

folder Pictures.compile/2017/04/08 also contains valid files t61 2021-02-20 04-11-25

this is far from a critical issue, but it is disconcerting.

it makes me wonder if there are actual errors in my copious syncs

I’d verify that you are running latest version on both sides

I’d still like to see what the folder state and config is on t61 - could you share those screenshots?

I think there is some problem with the way we handle directories, I just can’t pin down yet where exactly things go wrong. If we pull a file in a directory that is deleted, we resurrect it. I suspect there’s some way that you can end up with a valid file within a deleted directory (as in deleted in the db).

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I can only add that I have 201 items stuck like that right now, but only on 1 device.

The folders themselves are all in sync, so I just ignore the errors. My config is kind of complex though, so if this could be analysed/reproduced in a simpler one, then all the better.

t61 is remote and there is no user available, I can not access it at this time.

when I have this same exact issue with other machines I typically remove, empty the folder and recreate. In a perfect world there ought to be a way to force that remotely.

This sort of thing drives me nuts :grinning:

I have only recently been using Syncthing but I wonder if you have encountered the same issue as myself. Please try go into the Remove Device computer, un-share the problem folder and Save. Go back into Remove Device and re-share the problem folder and Save. This fixed the issue 100% for me and I’ve not further problems since with files syncing. I have had to do with for every new device I’ve set up, whether that is a Linux PC, Windows PC or even Android device.

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Thanks, that is what I have been doing. it is Very maddening when three or for devices are in perfect sync with 1.7 TB of folders, but ONE decides to disagree… and not all machines are always accessible. Not a huge problem but not slick

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