Out Of Sync - https acces (XigmaNas-Windows) both



Can anyone point me in the right direction here? i have problems with 2 pc’s that they have Out of sync status. In here i don’t know how to keep files or modified them. ! With windows application was easy, but, because i don’t use any more SyncTresor i don’t know how to rebild index with out delete and restore folder. If is even been possible?


Click on the failed items link, it will tell you what the error is.

i can see what error is, but without permission to correct !!! and No file versioning in progress.

you have two disconnected devices (the oneplus ones). most likely they have these files, but as they are disconnected, it cant get them locally. connect those devices or remove them to see whether that is the case.

Or the files are database files which change faster than syncthing can sync.

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I’ve also seen that error message when the case of the filenames don’t match.

thanks guys! i think i will leave them like this. files are main and also source pc identical. when i will perform an clean-up i will re-index automatically and problem will be solved.

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