Out Of Sync - Failed Items - Generic Error

I have this one file failing, only on one machine, due to “generic error”.

I’ve looked at various “generic error” posts, but none seem to be relevant or have any info on what is causing this to happen.

Is it safe to upload and post the log here?

Log files are always very welcome. Uploading logs is generally “safe”, but if you’ve got concerns regarding privacy and such, then you should probably check it and obfuscate paths and filenames that you consider sensitive.

Just an idea without more detailed information, but maybe the antivirus is blocking something here?

Only AV I use is the built-in Windows 10 AV, on all of my machines.

syncthing.log (23.7 KB)

I see the problem, and this has happened before, something is causing this file to have all security permissions removed, after it’s creation (these are created every night).

(this is from the remote where the file is created) image

I can go to the VisualCron support and ask why this is happening as well but given this did not start until I started using Syncthing (about 2 months ago), they will say and I will agree that Syncthing is doing this somehow.

Is there any difference if you enable “ignore permissions” for the problematic folder?


Ok, I was wrong. The timing appears to be just a coincidence. The application is creating the file with those incorrect permissions, just on one machine. I’m addressing that with the vendor and temporarily changing the permissions manually. However, I might try that setting you gave me as well so I don’t have to worry about it syncing.

That setting has no effect, still will not sync this file.

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