Out Of Sync, but Who?

Hi syncthingers!

I currently have setup a master server with synthing and the files are being synced to like 10 other syncthing machines. Every once in a while I get a “Out of Sync” message on the master server. It’s not very common, but it’s happening. First time it started happening I sorted it out by checking each of the client machines and found one that had some other software running that was writing files in the same directory which was synced. And that’s how I sorted it out.

But now I get this every once in a while and I have no clue what is causing it. So my questions is: is there any way to see what connected syncthing machine is causing the “out of sync” ? This should be doable because syncthing should know which of the connected computers first changed the files. This will be much easier to sort the issues with out of sync character.

At the point other non-masters accept the new file, there is no way to know who caused the change. Best I can suggest is to enable -audit -verbose options and check the logs on each of the 10 devices.

If you are in control of all of the machines I suggest you make the folder read only except for a dedicated Syncthing user.

I understand this doesn’t work in all situations but syncthing relies on the user securing the data and if there is no good reason for it to change except on the master make it so your clients can’t change it.

Actually you can query the API now for disk events via CURL or somthing. This should only show local changes picked up not files/folders written because they came over the network.

Of course you will still need to go to each of your machines to run the query, unless you want to expose the API across the network on all of your devices (it might be worth it if they are behind a secure network). And you’ll want to give them all the same API key as well so you don’t drive yourself crazy.