Out of sync but folders are "up to date"?

I have two devices: a laptop and an Android phone. Both show the “local state” as the same: 16,129 files, 18.9 GB. Both devices have every folder with green ticks/status of them is “up to date”.

Problem is: my laptop Syncthing says that it’s syncing with my Android, with multiple GB out of sync. I’m not sure what the 13GB is referring to and I don’t know how to resolve this conflict. I couldn’t find any info on this “out of sync” error in the documentation so I’d appreciate any advice given, thanks.

v1.16.1, Linux (64-bit Intel/AMD)

Please post screenshots of both devices with the folder expanded.


One of the referenced “out of sync” folders:


One of the referenced “out of sync” folders:

This might be a case of missing indexes. Restarting Syncthing on either side with the --reset-deltas command line option set or removing and re-adding the remote device on any side should clear it up. Or wait for v1.17.0(-rc.4) which has a change that hopefully finally fixes these issues :slight_smile:

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Regardless of the platform (Synology, Linux Mint Desktop, Windows 10 Desktop), the devices were also “Out of Sync” for me, although the folders were up to date.

I cannot say exactly when similar effects occurred with me, I mean from v1.16.0. The question is whether anything has changed in the software or database structure. In any case, everything was always “green” before.

I could almost resolve that. It was not enough to disconnect individual folders and disconnect them again. I disconnect entire devices and reconnected them. If I just disconnected and reconnected folders, “Out of Sync” rolled from device to device, a bit strange. --reset-deltas didn’t help either, apparently it had no effect.

Thanks, using --reset-deltas fixed it for me.

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