out of space on folder - again

i have read the discussion on the ‘out of space’ problem and encounter the same problem, but cannot understand the situation:

I have a partition with a single folder with 105 GB, of which 83 GB are used (df -h gives 19GB free).

I want to sync a folder which has current content but only 50 GB are synced and stops syncing with current 0 B < required 591.6 KB which I cannot understand.

The folder is set to minimal free disk space 1GB. I cannot undertand why the disk is mentioned as full (0 B free) when there are 19GB?

Folder Path /home/frank/additionalSpaceLV/MusicLV Global State 8,703 1,001 ~74.3 GiB Local State 5,975 1,001 ~50.8 GiB Out of Sync Items 2,728 items, ~23.5 GiB Failed Items 2,728 item

I suspect that the ‘required space’ figure is the size of the file on disk (which is already present and needs only to be checked) and the test is confused because the file exists already.

I run 1.22.1 on a linux debian (Debian 5.10.149-2) box, updated.

“current 0 B” sounds odd. Quota, volume size limit, other error?

any further information i can provide?

Given you say the limit on the folder is 1 GB and syncthing says 591.6KB I think you are looking at too little space on the filesystem where the syncthing database is (usually ~/.config), not where the folder is. The full error will have that information.

No likely. The / has 7.3 GB and home has 23 G free. If I set the limit for free space on the folder to 0, the sync continues.

Post full logs then please.

i found a hint that starting syncthing with -logfile should produce a logfile, but how to use it? I use systemctl start syncthing@frank to start. How do I add the logfile?

No need for that: Starting Syncthing Automatically — Syncthing documentation

Thank you for the link, but I do not see how to use it to start syncthing with a log file.

I discovered that another partition than the one with the error was full and when I resolved this problem, the syncing on the partition I was concerned with started running normal. It seems that the issue is only a question that the error message was confusing, confounding a message for one partition with a problem in another one.

Thank you for the help!

For the record, the logs are available in the GUI as well. Actions → Logs.

Also for the record:

You start syncthing with systemctl/systemd:

The first sentence in the linked paragraph is:

Systemd logs everything into the journal, so you can easily access Syncthing log messages.

So that’s how it’s relevant, you get your logs as described in the link without changing anything about how you start it:

journalctl -e -u syncthing@myuser.service

Thank you - this option is for me the most convenient!

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