Out of inodes - database is on several million files

Respected syncthing crowd, I have used syncthing for a while now, I have several servers synchronising several folders (not all folders on all servers), all in all about perhaps 2TB divided into 4-500k files.

I’m running Windows and Debian servers on Raspberry PI model 3.

One of my servers (a Raspberry PI model 3) ran out of inodes, which is a terrible thing, because nothing else works. The index-v0.14.0.db folder contains about 3.6 million files, all very small (< 2KB), the filesystem is only about 50% full.

I’ve rebuilt the database a couple of times because of performance issues, but this time apparently I figured out what the problem is (inodes).

Do you have any suggestions? I am stuck.

Yep, update to 1.3.1 if running on 32bit/x86 system, see e.g. 2Gb index-v0.14.0.db

Dang - thank you. However, it’s almost impossible to work on the server, upgrade fails (no inodes). I cannot find any more files to delete on the filesystem. I’m trying to avoid deleting the database (full scan will take days), looks like I have my challenge.

Got it - freed up enough inodes to upgrade just syncthing, then let syncthing run for a while, after a while the number of available inodes started to increase, so I could move back stuff that I parked in other filesystems. Thanks again.

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