Options when one host is behind a corp firewall?


I want to set up sync between two hosts. One of them is my home server where I run a reverse proxy with nginx for my services, including Nextcloud.

The second host is at work and basically nothing is allowed through except 443 and 80. So I currently sync between these hosts using Nextcloud server at home and client on Linux on my host system and it works okay. I believe it just uses Webdav protocol over 443 for transfers.

But I’d like to try Syncthing if possible as a replacement for Nextcloud in this scenario but I am not sure if I can make it work. Is there any way to do this over 443 exclusively?

Thank you.

Yes, by using a relay on port 443. Which should happen automatically-ish, but unfortunately it’s a very small subset of relays listening on port 443.

I guess technically you can also run your other Syncthing instance so that it listens on port 443 for sync connections. You might need to tweak capabilities to allow Syncthing to listen on a low port. On Linux, this might help:

sudo setcap CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE=+eip /path/to/binary

(I just googled it and it looks familiar, no guarantee it’s the right thing.)

I forgot to mention. I can connect OUT to my home server over 443 no issues but I cannot connect IN to my work computer over anything. All connections must be initiated from the work computer going OUT.

How would that affect syncthing? Can I still set up something directly without going through relays this way? Or set up my own relay?

One direction is enough.

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