Option to restore ignore patterns

When I restore the Syncthing settings on an Android device the ignore patterns are missing. This is probably because they are stored in the .stignore files in each root folder and these files are not restored by restoring syncthing settings. I have quite a number of folder pairs with complex ignore patterns. I’d appreciate an option to restore these patterns. To back them up separately does not make sense to me.

I can see how it could be tricky during the restore process because not every folder might exist yet, and could also inadvertently overwrite an existing .stignore file.

What I and others on this forum have been doing is using the #include option and storing the include files under a Syncthing folder so that it’s replicated to other devices (where it can be optionally backed up).

For each Syncthing folder, mix and match collections of include files (could even have an include file that contains patterns common to every folder).

Then for any given Syncthing folder, e.g., /Sync/.stignore:

#include /syncthing/folder/with/include/files/common.txt
#include /syncthing/folder/with/include/files/Documents.txt
#include /syncthing/folder/with/include/files/Music.txt