Option that the images or videos are synchronized separately

@Nutomic It would be nice if, in the Android version, it would be possible to adjust individually which type of file will be synced. For example, the images are synchronized with a mobile connection and video are synchronized only with a Wifi connection. As in the Fotosync app from Google.

Background is that I want to sync photos immediately, but videos will not charge my mobile quota.

I don’t think this is possible: you cannot (currently) tell Syncthing “Sync these files inside my folder, but not these other ones”.

Until delta indexes are implemented, any sync over mobile data would result in to much traffic (imho), as a switch from wifi to mobile data results in a reconnect and on any reconnect between two devices the complete index need to be transfered. Every time you hit another cell tower, you will have to reconnect again which again will result in a complete index exchange.

Apart from that, you can only limit by ignore patterns or pause device at the moment. A pause folder is still wip (I think). So if you have photos and videos in different folders, this will be possible with features that are currently worked on.

Perhaps it would be feasible if it would run under a “only upload” function. Syncthing would then recognize only locally on the phone, whether it is an image or video file, it is a video file I have to wait until I have WIFI, it is picture files I can upload also at a mobile connection… This function I imagine only for the DCMI camera folder.

So this has to be inside syncthing, or you’d have to do black witchcraft with ignores.

Given the complexity it requires, I wouldn’t put your hopes up.

It’s easier to setup different folders for videos and pictures, and then juggle them in some way there (pause, remove, whatever).

I currently do this with FolderSync. It can sync to SFTP/FTPS/FTP/WebDAV/S3/… and has a ton of options per SyncFolder.

JPGs inside my DCIM are synced with Foldersync on mobile via SFTP and the complete DCIM with Syncthing on Wifi.

Thats a good idea

let’s say you’re only limited to either img or vid,

you can create 2 sharing on the same folder with different ignore patterns and switch them on/off when you come across different network type,

for instance, turn on the vid sharing only when you connected to a wifi network, while your img sharing were always on.

I was thinking this also but it wouldn’t work. The .stignore file is stored in the folder so you can’t have 2 shares of the same folder that has different ignore patterns. If I am wrong please let me know, I don’t need it right now but it would be a nice power user feature.

Being able to choose the connection types to use for each share would be nice once we get the ability to pause folders. I don’t need my family’s photos immediately but there are other things I would still sync on mobile data.

oh, right, the ignore pattern is stored in the same file…

perhaps running sub folders then…?

I don’t think you can use different folders for pictures/videos in most camera apps.

In general, this feature needs a few different pieces that aren’t implemented yet, so I wouldn’t expect it any time soon.