Optimizing Rescan Interval setting

I notice that the default setting is interval =60. In the latest Android port, it’s now set at 0. And the setting is configurable on any device.

So here’s a couple of questions:

Can anyone suggest an algorithm or some approach based on logic for users who wish to optimize cluster performance based on tweaking the rescan rate on each connected device? I am sure it depends on a lot of factors - but which factors - and then what?

Thank you.

It’s all down to how quickly you want your file changes to be picked up. The scan time is based on your CPU speed + disk speed + number of files you have. The slower the CPU or the slower the storage or the more files you have, it would make sense to increase the interval, that as a result will make file changes pick up more slowly, but at least it will not melt your machine.

btsync is able to pick up changes using fsnotify ( link ) is that not supported by Syncthing?

Out of the box, No because https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/issues/9 TL;DR there is no portable way for all platforms.

You can run 3rd party tools:

And run set rescan interval to 0.

there is no portable way for all platforms.

Is it possible to use inotify or similar mechanism if it’s available? 60 seconds on my linux machine is way too big, but I don’t know how lower I can make it.

Use syncthing-inotify, as linked above.