Optimal setup with multiple computers across two LANs?

Hi all, thank you for maintaining such a wonderful project!

I have setup with 2 computers on one network and 4 on another (I’ll call them Network A and B). Currently, I just sync one computer from Network A with one from Network B, and share the synced folder on the LAN to let the other computers on the network read it. If speed is my focus, should I instead be syncing to all computers? And would such a setup demand special configuration, or is SyncThing smart enough on it’s own to not go bandwidth-crazy?

Thank you for your time :grin:

This is very common question, so you can find more details and specific scenarios if you search the forum, but in general, unless you’ve got a valid reason not to do so, it’s more efficient to connect all devices together. It’s also more robust, because with just one connection in place between the two locations, if one of the two devices breaks, then the whole synchronisation goes down too.

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