Optimal configuration for diaries / split notes

I have a particular use-case: sharing diaries (or wikis) with friends, and using Notesplit ( https://github.com/mindey/notesplit ) to split up files into folders, each of which is shared with particular friends.

In the past, when using DropBox, it used to be great to have indication of updates about file changes, as this works naturally like friend diaries change notifications.

Also, it happened to be nice to have synchronization happen in near-real time, so, high frequency of scanning may be preferred. If one has thousand of text files (not very large, but some up to several megabytes), what kind of syncing settings or configuration might be optimal for it?

I would say that the default settings should do the job just fine, but if you want to have the changes synced really 100% in real time (i.e. without the default 10s delay), then please check https://docs.syncthing.net/users/config.html#fswatcherdelays.


I see. Thanks for the good point about fsWatcherDelayS. We’ve also discovered, that creating ~/Shared and ~/Received folders (alongside default ~/Sync), where shared folders named by each person’s handle (i.e., ~/Shared/friend1, ~/Received/friend1), with just strict one-way synchronizations, is more convenient and secure in this use case.