Operation not permitted after removing the manual install and installing with brew

I initially had everything sync’ing correctly from Mac OSX after i downloaded and ran the syncthing binary, but decided to change over to using the brew install as it would set up the service automatically. This is when it started to show the error ‘operation not permitted’ when trying to sync the Documents folder. After removing the backup server destination, as well as removing the folder Documents from the Syncthing dashboard, i re-added it but still receive the error. I have no issues adding a folder which had never been used by Syncthing before. I have since uninstalled and reinstalled syncthing via brew but it has made no difference. I have also deleted the .stfolder in case that was causing a problem but it made no difference. Something must be stored somewhere which is rememebering the previous installation setup. How can i completely start afresh? At the moment just adding the Documents folder on the Mac causes the issue to occur, and yet adding another folder with identical permissions is fine. Are there hidden attributes somewhere on the Documents folder i need to remove? How is syncthing still remembering this folder? Thanks in advance

Could you post Syncthing’s log file?

syncthing.log (2.4 KB) Sure. Thanks

Accessing Documents requires granting a permission in (macOS) Settings. Presumably you’d done this for the previous Syncthing but the new one is different (signed by someone else, etc).

Fantastic. Thanks so much. Don’t remember granting this permission initially but looking in Privacy & Security both Documents and Downloads boxes were unchecked. Checking them fixed the issue. Thanks again!

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