Only one way Syncing

So I have two windows 7 ultimate PCs connected and they state that they are Syncing. However PC 1 can send files to PC 2s Desktop. However PC two can not send files to PC 1s Desktop.

Add: when a file (received from PC 1 to PC 2) is deleted from PC 2s Desktop it is also deleted on PC 1. All good. And a file deleted on PC 1s Desktop will also be deleted on PC 2s Desktop…

So obviously some level of two way communication is going on.

However again PC two Desktop files are NOT send to PC 1s Desktop… Any Ideas?

check if “master folder” is activated in your folderoptions…

It is not active because if it is then a file deleted on one PC would not be deleted on the other PC.

What does the log say? Perhaps a permission issue?

Run with -verbose -audit command line options, and provide the logs from both sides.

Okay so figured out the problem by reading another threat.

Web GUI was open. Apparently when you open Syncthing in a browser on Windows PC transfer speed drops crazily low! Like a few KB instead of several MB /s.

That resulted in transferring a simple 4 KB file took more than 30 minutes! Annoying that Syncthing is useless while open in browser but closing the browser fixed the problem and Sync was instant. Strange! But okay bottom line, do not open sync in browser unless you need to setup a new connection.

Just to be clear, that this behaviour is exhibited only on some machines, and I have no clue why. Who it’s not a general case of keeping it closed.

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