Only non-PDF files are getting deleted

I have a sync folder setup on 3 devices, an Windows PC and two android devices. It’s a folder full of documents. Somehow, only the non-PDF files keep getting deleted. It’s become very problematic as I use the folder to sync stuff for studying.

Please help.

@SinTan1729, welcome to Syncthing!

Please provide more details on the steps you are taking.
Is this happening on all devices or just on Android?
Did you check that Syncthing has permission to delete the files?
Are the files opened while Syncthing tries to delete them?
Please post screenshots and version info of Syncthing.

There is also a “out of sync” log window that shows you why Syncthing is unable to process the changes


This is originally happening on my mobile and then propagating to other devices via syncing.

Yes, it has full permissions.

No, the device is usually idle when it happens.

I’ve attached the screenshots.

ok, but here it only shows “idle”
please use menu “Web GUI” on android and also check other devices for errors and “out of sync” messages

Is it possible for me to get older logs, around the time it happened?

Are all devices in sync now? Do you see any errors in the web GUI?
Please provide information from the other devices.

All the devices are in sync. And there are no errors.

I’m sorry but we cannot help you if you don’t provide more information.
Is this happening with all pdf files or just a few? If only a few are affected, what is different with them compared to others?

Please try to recreate the problem for easier bug tracking.
What happens if you move the files to another location inside the shared folder? Also try putting the files into a new Syncthing folder, share it with other devices and check if this works or not.

It’s only deleting the non-PDF files. All of them.

I created a new syncthing folder, but it’s still happening.

Is it possible to take log for a long period of time so that it’s captured whenever the files get deleted?

are you using ignore patterns?

No, it’s a basic setup. The only change I made from the default setup was versioning.

If all devices are in sync and don’t report any errors (which I find strange), you can enable debugging to see what Syncthing is doing.

How do I get the logs saved in a file? Whenever I run syncthing, I can only see the logs related to the current session. How to enable logging to a file? It’s not possible for me to detect a delete as soon as it happens.

You need to start Syncthing with a command line switch. Please check

I would suggest to just use syncthing -logfile=default, which will create 4 rotating log files in the home folder.

How do I do that on Android? Because that’s the device where it’s happening.

You cannot use the command line switches without root, but the app should save the log file automatically on the /sdcard partition (see

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