Only move files from one machine to another - not synching

Is it possible to configure Syncthing to only move files from an “inbox” on one machine to an “outbox” on another machine? No syncing is needed. It would be only a move operation. Or, kind of a one-way-sync where the original file would be removed after the sync…

Can that be configured? I seem not to find an option for that.

Thanks Dan

Nope, Syncthing only syncs, i.e. keeps a directory identical on all devices. However it can still help you with such a use-case. E.g. my smartphone camera folder works that way: I sync it with Syncthing, and whenever I have time I filter and catalogue images on my PC. In the process I remove the files from the synced directory, and thus they get removed from the phone. So it is kind of a “move” action. You could automate moving the contents out of the synced directory on the destination device, e.g. by a periodic task or if you want “real-time” some script using Syncthing’s event API to immediately remove files once synced.

You can achieve this kind of behavior using versioning. like Trash Can Version. In this case, once the files are deleted from the source device they will still be available on the server.

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