Only connecting by relay

Hi there,

I have Syncthing setup on my Windows 10 machine, and also two Android devices. Thus far they have all been connected only via my home WAN.

I am getting really slow download speeds (from Android to Windows, like 100kB/s). When I hover over the address for either device on my Windows GUI, it says it is connected via relay, which I hear is much slower than direct connection.

Can someone tell me in simple language how to ensure it uses a direct connection? I have added the 22000 and 21027 ports to both incoming/outbound rules in my Windows firewall settings. UPnP is also enabled on my router.


The fact that it’s not connecting directly means it can’t. This is usually because UPnP on the router actually does not work/or syncthing failed to get the router to open a port forwarding. You can try setting up manual port forwarding.

Thanks @AudriusButkevicius. I wasn’t sure how to set up manual port forwarding (there doesn’t seem to be any pointers on this in the docs). However, having had a snoop around, as I said I added the 22000 and 21027 ports to the incoming/outbound rules. That didn’t have any immediate effect, which is why I wrote the question. But about 30 minutes later the speeds suddenly increased to ~2MB/s so I’m assuming it worked. Cheers.

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