OneNote 2013 and Syncthing

I am using onenote and onenote 2013 can sync the notes if you use it on a network drive or with skydrive. Is there any way to make this sync possible with syncthing? The bad think is that I often get sync conflicts if the file is opened on 2 machines.


Not sure what sort of answer you want. Yes, syncing is possible: that’s what Syncthing does. Yes, you will get lots of sync conflicts if it’s being concurrently modified on two machines: there’s no way to avoid this, it’s the nature of trying to modify a file in two places at the same time in a distributed system.

No OneNote is able to handle parallel changes. e.g. if you use it on a network drive, several users can work on it at the same time.

So you’re asking how come you get sync conflicts with Syncthing and OneNote, but not with OneNote and a shared network drive?

That wasn’t phrased as a question in your original post.

I don’t know why OneNote behaves differently here I’m afraid.

Yes correct.

Probably OneNote knows how to sync and merge its own stuff, which is different from just shuffling its files from A to B.

Onenote uses its own syncing framework. OneNote syncs pretty well over OneDrive or Sharepoint. Why would you want to do it over syncthing? Syncthing would handle conflict at file (ie level whereas onenote does it at the element level on a single page.


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