One year of usage data

The anonymous usage reporting system was committed to the code one year ago today. The first datapoint in the system is from the same day; probably me and and someone else running the bleeding edge. The first actual release with it included was v0.8.15 on June 15. Since then there’s been a steady increase in reporting users:

The usage data recorded has been useful in knowing what users are up to in terms of repository sizes, and our behavior in amount of RAM used. Of course, it’s statistics, and biased not only towards the kind of person who allows the data to be sent but also towards what is already Syncthing’s niche, so optimizing for that alone is dangerous.

Either way it’s much appreciated so thanks everyone for saying “yes” in that dialog. :smile:



I just noticed the graph is a bit weird, the line for v0.11 is shown from the very beginning (when it wasn’t even released). This also makes it impossible to see the numbers for the older versions via mouseover (Firefox 38 on Kubuntu).

Yeah, that’s annoying. Could probably teach it to not draw points for zero values.